Top 3 Songs By Majotha Zungu

Top 3 Songs By Majotha Zungu

Top 3 Fakaza Songs By Majotha Zungu

Majotha Zungu (blessed memory) was a South African Maskandi singer, one of whom gave hope to the South African maskandi music with his top 3 songs, Saduma Kahle, Soka Lami and Thulungasho. Of course he has tons of other music, but let’s say these are the three that are really ground-breaking, well for me.

Maskandi is a type of music in South Africa that is mostly enjoyed and played by tge Kwazulu Natal province in South Africa. It is a music genre rich in Zulu and of great importance to the Zulu tribe and is celebrated every year through the Maskandi annual festival.

The popular traditional music genre is the second most selling type of music genre in the country, after gospel music.

Maskandi has been existing for many years, even before the 1990’s but the only problem it faces is that the youth do not really embrace it, probably because of its local accents in the music music lyrics, and the fashion sense surrounding it. Also another factor is the influence of the western lifestyle which came along with hip-hop, pop, RnB and the rest.

Currently, Maskandi is the only music genre in South African that has the least number of artistes, to top it all, most of these artistes are not the youth, but the older singers who have been in the music scene for decades.

There have been very little number of very good Maskandi singer, and today we are writing briefly about the top 3 songs by one of the Maskandi singers, Majotha.

Majotha kicked the bucket last year, but his legacy lives on!

The Top Three Songs Of Majotha Zungu

Saduma Kahle : The songs was originally dropped in 2019 by the South African Maskandi singer, and immediately after it’s release, it gained a lot of views on Youtube. Personally, I’d say this is my favorite as the rhymes hits down the soul of men.

Soka Lami : Released two years ago, July 3rd 2020 by Mjotha, he shared the song after releasing Saduma Kahle and the same year, he shared two studio albums which housed both Soka Lami and Saduma Kahle.

Thulungasho : Released same year with Soka Lami, Mjotha also shared a third studio album which he titled Iprofessional, in the album I found a song which I fell in love with and it is Thulungasho.

As the soul of Mjotha Zungu keeps resting, let us keep supporting his arts which I personally mark as excellent, the songs Saduma Kahle, Soka Lami and Thulungasho are embedded above through his official YouTube channel.

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