Mamboyi (Mambhoyi) Gqom Song

Mamboyi (Mambhoyi) Gqom Song Mp3 Download Fakaza

Mamboyi (Mambhoyi) Gqom Song Mp3 Download Fakaza

Oh hey, Rise and Shine! There’s another juicy beat in town!. There’s another release from one of south Africa’s Gqom artist and we’re here for it!

Mitchell We Gqom dropped this tantalizing track for our devour on a golden platter. The long awaited track is already a hit banger making its numerous waves, he captioned it ‘Mamboyi’.

‘MAMBOYI’ is a trendy song newly dropped into the airwaves, unfortunately the origin of the title isn’t very appealing. The name Mamboyi went viral on Twitter after a video of a man who was accused of raping a goat surfaced online.

While the Mzansi peeps kept wondering the authenticity of the video, a talented music producer (Mitchell We Gqom) decided to take advantage of the viral audience as a platform and drops a song with the title ‘Mamboyi ‘. According to the rumors making rounds on the social media platform, Mamboyi allegedly raped a goat to satisfy his sexual urge and then strangled the goat to death right after. One can easily agree , that is not a good incident to occur. It can be described as outright brutal. The turnaround of the incident however, with the release of a song took some of the ache away and the Gqom song doesn’t seem so awful to the people. In fact, the song has a nice beat to it which the fans fell in love with .

Mamboyi is a Gqom music that has a feel good energy to it when blasting through the speakers. It had also, quite the tiktok influence, as it has set a trend on the video making app with its high energy performance.

The title Mamboyi seems to be the most sort after title for Gqom music artists of recent seeing Aw’DJ MaRa also has a beat with the song title on it, released July 2022. We’re not surprised about that because with a back up history like that, many would want to tap into the fame of the name Mamboyi.

It doesn’t matter who took advantage of a sour experience or situation, one thing is certain. Both Gqom songs are amazing and they bring good feelings only to the listener. These Gqom beats should definitely be in your playlist.

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