Impucuzeko Maskandi Festival 2022

Impucuzeko Maskandi Festival July 2022

Impucuzeko Maskandi Festival July 2022

It is indeed a blessing to witness the next Impucuzeko Maskandi festival which will take place this year, specifically by next month, July 2022 in South Africa.

It has been a festival I would love to partake in, but in the past I have just been viewing the festival on TV, so guess what? I will be attending the festival with my beloved family.

Just so I do not waste much of our time, let me share a little information about the 2022 Impucuzeko Maskandi Festival, before then let us break the information to smaller bits so everyone who comes across my blog will be able to understand.

Well, Maskandi is a music genre in South Africa, more like our traditional music. A very elating and guitar filled kind of music, just as we have hiphop, pop in other countries, we have our traditional genres like Amapiano, GQom, and even Maskandi.

So now we understand what Maskandi is all about, so it will be easier to understand that many countries do celebrate or hold festivals like; hip-hop festival and so on.

The most exciting thing about the Maskandi festival is that I will get to witness my top artistes sing life with their guitars, play some mach and the winning team goes home with a cup and also meet friends who are also lovers of Maskandi.

Details About The Impucuzeko Maskandi Festival 2022

Now, let us talk about the Impucuzeko Maskandi Festival.

The Impucuzeko Maskandi Festival like I earlier stated will be hosted in South Africa, at People’s Park at Moses Mabhida Stadium located in Durban. This festival is a very much celebrated yearly event which attracts people from all the provinces, especially those who love Maskandi music. The previous festival which was held in 2021 even had Honorable Jacob Zuma, the current South African president,  in attendance.

@Moses Mabhida Stadium

The festival will start on Saturday, 30 July 2022 @ 10:00 till Sunday, 31 July 2022 @ 00:00. I will love to see you guys there.

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