Big Zulu Assists Lwah Ndlunkulu On “Noma Ngibheda Sometimes”

Big Zulu Noma Ngibheda Sometimes

Big Zulu Assists Lwah Ndlunkulu On “Noma Ngibheda Sometimes”

In our previous article we wrote about Big Zulu’s relationship status with Lwah Ndlunkulu, a nice piece which we drafted after our observation between the two, well here we are with a song, Noma Ngibheda Sometimes.

Big Zulu is a huge singer in South African who has made a good name for himself, so huge that some of his music has hit platinum and also has won a few awards for himself.

Asides the accolades, the South African debut singer has made a ton of fortune with his talent as he is among the few South African artists who has made a decent living out from their talent.

The 34 years old singer has become so good that he has influenced the growth of yet another South African female singer, Lwah Ndlunkulu.

Lwah Ndlunkulu is an upcoming female artist in South Africa, who through the help of Big Zulu has been made known in the South African music industry.

Indeed, her real age is not known and some of her personal information are still scarce as she is just  but a recent music break-out.

With time, we shall update you all with more information about her.

Interestingly, the duo has successfully released a track which they called Noma Ngibheda Sometimes.

Noma Ngibheda Sometimes

Since last year, when Lwah began to sing into the mic, she has been assisted and promoted by Big Zulu.

As a fact, he male artist has featured the female singer in all his songs including his recently ground breaking song, Voicemail.

Most of Lwah’s music has been featured assistance on Big Zulu’s tack of both artists appearing as guests on another track.

This year, in January she dropped her single, “Home”. A song accepted, but was not able to break into the South African main stream media.

Few months later, she tried again with Big Zulu, this time they dropped a song which has become a trending tune in the South African airwave.

Noma Ngibheda Sometimes song has been trending even on TikTok, and has captivated the hearts of many South Africans.

However the two are going with their work, it is obviously working for them as they are building up as a reputable team with excellent bangers.

We really hope to hear from the duo again, maybe with a new album.

Till then, please stay safe.

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