Best Songs From Inkosi Yamagcokama I Love, New Album Coming Soon?

Best Songs From Inkosi Yamagcokama I Love, New Album Coming Soon?

Best Songs From Inkosi Yamagcokama I Love, New Album Coming Soon?

Inkosi Yamagcokama is a South African singer, song writer and music producer, best known with his style of music in the Maskandi music genre.

I have been following the singer for years now, and his style of music has been quite okay to me, I have always loved his music and videos too.

So, today I decided to take my time out and write a short note about some of his best songs and so far, i have picked my top three and they are, Inamazondo, Icala lomjolo and iphutha likumuntu.

For starters, I do not really know much about the artiste personally, not his age, how old he is nor his personal life, my interest has been just his songs, so let us look at these songs independently.

My Best Arts From Inkosi Yamagcokama

Inkosi Yamagcokama Inamazondo : This track was dropped by the South African Maskandi singer in the year 2017, the song features other singers like Mdumazi, Umdumazi The song was in his 2017 studio album which he titled Never Say Never. The album was filled with a total of 11 songs.

Inkosi Yamagcokama Icala lomjolo : Two years after sharing his Never Say Never album, he went ahead to share another album which he titled First Class, the studio album was dropped in the year 2019, and in the album was a song I love so much, Icala lomjolo.

The Maskandi music has been alive right in my head since it’s release, and you can check his Youtube for his arts.

Inkos Yamagcokama Iphutha likumuntu : Once again, we have to visit his 2017 album Never Say Never, not only did it house Inamazondo, it also has Iphutha likumuntu on it’s list, a song Ive cherished. So, it is right to say that his 2017 studio album, Never Say Never is my favorite as it has some nice and good tracks in them.

Inkosi Yamagcokama About To Share New 2022 Album?

Before publishing this content, I have bee wondering when will Inkos Yamagcokama come through for his fans like me? I have loved the Maskandi singer and really wish he share another album, so I decided to do a little check.

Since he dropped his first official studio album in 2017, he has been releasing new albums almost yearly except in 2018 which he did not drop any album at all. Though he made up for it in 2019 by dropping 2 albums.

So, why would he not release another album in 2022? Well, the chances are low because he dropped an album in 2017, two albums in 2019, also dropped an album in 2020 and last year, he shared two albums, so we expect he comes along with another album before 2022 ends, or at worst first quarter of 2023.

Will you be excited as I will be when he shares his next studio album? If yes, please use the comment box below to tell us what you think.

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